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This provider search is customized to show only the networks available to you through your group health plan within the state of Arkansas and contiguous counties. You may search for:

  • Physicians or other medical practitioners
  • Hospitals or other healthcare facilities
  • Dentists*

Please sign in using the ID number on your BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas membership card. A search by member ID will produce a list of providers in Arkansas and contiguous counties only. If you are searching for an out-of-state provider, you must access the National Doctor & Hospital Finder.

To locate a participating dental* provider, click here.

*Not all groups have dental benefits, and some groups contract with other third-party administrators for dental benefits. Consult your human resources office or Customer Service for more information.

BlueCard® Network

If your ID card carries the "suitcase" symbol, you are covered by the BlueCard network for emergency or urgent healthcare while traveling or living out of your Plan's area. To find a BlueCard healthcare provider outside Arkansas, anywhere from coast to coast, and to view a map with detailed driving instructions, visit the National Doctor & Hospital Finder.

For your convenience, Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core contracts with many excellent hospitals outside the U.S. However, Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core does not contract with physicians outside the U.S. When you are out of the country, you may seek services from the physician of your choice. You must pay the physician at the time of service and submit the charges to BlueAdvantage for reimbursement. All services will be subject to the terms and conditions of your benefit plan.

Caremark Pharmacy Network

Many BlueAdvantage groups use Caremark to manage their pharmacy benefits. Check with your human resources office or call the Customer Service number on your ID card to see if you have pharmacy benefits managed by Caremark. If you do, you will be able to search the Caremark pharmacy directory on this site. Beginning May 2004, you will be able to access your pharmacy claims and eligibility information through My Blueprint, our member self-service center.

Before Making Your Appointment

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Licensees have made reasonable efforts to validate that the list of providers displayed is up to date and accurate. Please call the provider prior to scheduling an appointment to verify that the provider continues to be part of the network. Neither the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association nor any of its Licensees shall be liable for any losses, damages or uncovered charges as a result of using the provider locator website or receiving care from a provider listed in this website.

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